About our podcast: The Fintech in China Show

The Fintech in China Show was started to bring in depth interviews with key people involved in some of most exciting developments in financial technology in China, mainly to people outside of China.

The first series of The Fintech in China Show ran in 2017.

Since, then, much has changed in the financial landscape inside China, especially for fintech players.

Beyond the headline numbers for China's fintech giants, the environment seems tougher.

But what is really going with fintech in China today?

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About us

Luke Deer lives in Sydney. He's been involved in research on finance in China since 2006, and has been researching fintech in China since 2012.

Xiaochen Zhang lives in Washington, DC. Xiaochen cofounded Fintech4Good in 2017, followed by the Blockchain Frontier Group.

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